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It is about finding your true self and transitioning from a very busy corporate person to a full time entrepreneur, creating memories, creating impact, growing your skills or learning how to use Social media to create a community. On my blog you'll find all things Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Social media and So much more.

"No one else can do what you can do in the way that you do it" 

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This Post May Contain Affiliate Links and External Links. From new product features built for organizations to an entirely new editor experience, a custom solution for global enterprises, and enhancements to a

New Features and Enhancements: A Whole New Canva Experience


Learning the best linkedIn Profile Optimization for Beginners Strategy is no longer a luxury, it is a must for every intentional person. As a beginner LinkedIn user, optimizing your LinkedIn profile may

Best LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Beginners Strategy 2024: Step-by-Step Guide


Personal Branding is not as daunting as it sounds is most profitable to build your Personal branding the moment you realise you need to.  Chris Ducker author of “Rise of YouPrenuer” demystifies

Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 6 Easy Steps: Expert Guide


A few years ago I discovered LinkedIn is one of the most unbiased social networking platforms and I began to take a keen interest in understanding the platform and what it has

The Top Linkedin Trends 2024 you should utilize


Staying organised can be extremely exhausting these days, i can tell from my personal experience. Too busy to make your own monthly /weekly spread for your important daily activities? Save time by

Monthly Calendar Planner ( Free Printable PDF)


I was very happy when Instagram updated to enable the schedule button. As usual, Instagram started rolling out the feature gradually to content creators or users of the App, I got mine

Mastering Instagram: The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Posts within the App

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