April 21, 2023

How to avoid spam comments on Instagram 2023, by using Hidden words

Let’s paint a quick scenario of what this might be like in real life:

You know that time you make a post on Instagram and with so much joy and enthusiasm expecting and waiting for the post to get to your target audience and voila, you get a notification, and you quickly click to see who just engaged with your post and you get there to see something “Tag us @”

This can be overwhelming and sometimes disappointing. I always wonder how they get to know that a post has just been made and why they do that, these are thoughts in my head every time I see it. Until I did research and found out I can reduce these spammy comments on my Instagram post.

Table of content

  • What are spam comments?
  • Types of spammy comments
  • Why do you get spam comments?
  • Should you be worried about them and why?
  • Should you ignore or possibly delete spam comments?
  • Easy ways to automatically avoid/stop spam comments on your Instagram post.

What are spam comments?

Spammy comments from research are done by bots on most of our accounts, these are unsolicited and unwanted comments left on posts uploaded on Instagram, they could be asking you to tag someone on your post or follow certain accounts and these comments usually comes with a tag (@). Spam comments are not only limited to Instagram, it happens also on Facebook and TikTok.

I am personally seeing some spammers on TikTok now, they are also very common inside Facebook groups, it’s like a volcanic eruption on Facebook groups.

Types of spammy comments

Spam comments come in a different form, I have been able to spot some from my accounts and from my contemporaries who have also mentioned these in their blog contents.

  • Wow ..send pic @
  • Send pic on @
  • Collab? DM @
  • Remarkable picture, we’d enjoy to collaborate with you for much more info message our main account in my biography
  • Check DM
  • Seme your pictures and video promotion
  • DM now @

Everyone is at risk of getting spammy comments on their Instagram post, small accounts, newbies on Instagram, and most especially celebrities and big account handles on Instagram suffer from spam comments day in and day out.

Why do you get spam comments?

I discovered that after I make some uploads I receive spam comments and it happens within split seconds after making the post.

From the findings, we get spammy comments because of the usage of some types of hashtags on our posts.

Spammers tend to monitor these hashtags and use bots to monitor and drop comments on posts with targeted hashtags.

Should you be worried about them and why?

Spam content looks harmless, however, how they look they just don’t appear or seem right, they are unrelated and mostly out of place., also misleading. After investing your time and energy in curating a post and uploading them you don’t want to get a comment that does not relate to the content of your post.

Should you be worried about them? Yes, you should. Such spammy comments can divert your genuine commenters to avoid your page.

Should you ignore or possibly delete spam comments?

I used to just ignore these spam comments, but after a while of studying the online space, I now take the necessary actions. Ignoring these comments might strike your audience as if you do not understand how Instagram works and seem like your page is not managed properly, it could be a turn-off to new followers and existing ones. If you are a social media manager like me you best want to take it off as it comes.

As a business owner, you do not want to leave your comments unattended to, it could be comments from genuine commenters that needs to make inquiries about your business.

There are several methods to use to stop spam comments.

You could do the following.

  1. Block the profile of the spam account.
  2. Remove/delete the comments.
  3. Hide such comments automatically.

In the next heading, I will show you how to hide these comments automatically.

Easy ways to automatically avoid/stop spam comments on your Instagram post.

Manually deleting spammy content can be very time-consuming, that is the entire essence of writing this blog post, it is to show you how to avoid these spammers automatically by following these proven steps below.

On your Instagram profile, select the burger (the 3 lines) menu on the top right side of your profile, then follow these steps below.

  • Select “settings”
  • Select “privacy”
  • Select “hidden words”.
  • Click on “manage customs words and phrases” Here you will have to type in all the spam words and phrases you can remember and separate them with a comma.
  • After adding all the words and phrases you can remember, you can now click on hide comments and then turn on the feature on your account.

Please note that this process do not delete the comments, it only hides these comments from your followers.

You can choose to watch how to do this on this video posted here.

Click on the video above to watch!

Voila, if you have done this you will save yourself more time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business that matters to you.

Take home from this post.

  • Don’t leave spam words or comments on your post unattended.
  • Take time out to block these common words and phrases with the “hidden button” features on Instagram shown to you.
  • Save loads of time by utilizing the tools available to you.

Now, over to you, did you know this feature existed? If not leave a comment on our Instagram page(add link here), please I want real human being to comment. I love to connect with real people and build a community full of real people so we can learn from each other.

Thank you for coming this far with me.

I will like to work with you on getting your business started on TikTok!

Meet me

Overilaye is a personal brand and a freelance social media manager and a small business owner, her interest cuts across online marketing, short video marketing (TikTok, Reels, and Shorts), travel, and fashion. She believes in the power of the online space and is willing to make it work for herself and many other personal brand and small business owners in Nigeria and around the world. She is available to work with personal brands who want to take their business online and with small product-based businesses with their social media activities, getting them started with TikTok marketing (TokBranding) and Facebook page management.



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