July 26, 2023

Mastering Instagram: The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Posts within the App

I was very happy when Instagram updated to enable the schedule button. As usual, Instagram started rolling out the feature gradually to content creators or users of the App, I got mine on the 8th of March same day we were celebrating Women’s Day. I was delighted to see that I could schedule my post on the Instagram App.

For brands, influencers, and content producers, Instagram has become a vital tool. You can do this to develop a community, show off your creativity, and enhance your internet visibility. However, keeping a regular posting schedule can be difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, Instagram now provides a function that streamlines this procedure: the capability to schedule posts straight within the app. We’ll walk you through the process of scheduling Instagram posts in this tutorial to help you keep organized and save time.

Convert your Personal handle to a Business profile on Instagram

Instagram will only allow you to schedule a post when you have a business account.

So make sure your Instagram account is set up as a business profile before starting to schedule posts.

To achieve this,

  1. Go to your profile settings.
  2. tap “Switch to Business Profile,”
  3. And then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

A business profile gives you access to insightful data and lets you use Instagram’s built-in capabilities to plan posts.

Schedule a Post

Now that you have converted your Instagram account from a private/personal account to a business page, it is now time to schedule a post or a reel, or a carousel right inside of your Instagram App.

Are you excited? Now let us jump right into all the steps to follow.

Well, if you would like to skip the read, you can watch this video here, where I show you how to schedule a reel or post on Instagram; Click here for the YouTube video

These are the steps to follow to enable you to schedule your post inside the Instagram app.

Step 1; Open your Instagram page and click on your profile icon then click on the “3 burger” button located in the top right corner of the Content Library screen or your Bio, this will pop up all the features you have, and you will see “Schedule Content”. Now click on this icon to take you to how you can schedule your post/reel.

See image below

Step 2; Now this opens, because I do not have anything scheduled I get to see this pop-up. Now you want to click on “Schedule post” as seen in the image below. It takes you to your gallery in your phone where you will select what you want to upload and schedule.

Step 3; Now you want to select the preferred content you want to upload and schedule (see image below), but you do not post it, you act like you want to post it and wait! Smiling! No rush see the next step below. Just before you go, at this point, you can add your description or captions and then your hashtags and your location tag as desired and tag other Instagram users if you wish to and all the things you will add if you were going to make a direct post.

Step 4; After you click on the “Schedule” Button scroll to the bottom of the page that popped up and click on “Advanced Settings” Then it takes you to the next thing which is “Schedule the post”.

Step 5; Now after you have turned on the “Schedule post button”, the “Calendar” feature pops up and then you can choose your preferred time, day and date and then you have everything customized for the scheduling details. Choose the date and time you want the post to go live.

Step 6; Once you’re satisfied with your post and scheduling details, click on the “Schedule” button and you are done!

Managing Scheduled Posts

To view and manage your scheduled posts, return to the Content Library within Creator Studio. Here, you can make edits, reschedule, or delete posts if necessary. Remember, Instagram has limitations on the number of scheduled posts you can have at any given time, so ensure you stay within those limits.

Does it look so long and undoable, if you do not want to read all these goodies you can simply watch the video, where I demonstrated how to do all this. Instagram has details on how to schedule posts right inside the app, you can read it up here; https://help.instagram.com/439971288310029/?helpref=uf_share

Simple steps to get started with TikTok- https://fantastic-composer-9472.ck.page/tiktokcheatsheet

Congratulations friend, you made it to the end of the blog post. Do not forget to grab all the goodies in this post and connect with me on Instagram, I would love to hear feedback from here after reading this far. I am a real person and would love to connect with real people, tell me where you found my blog and it will be easy, send me a direct message on Instagram-overilaye


I got this phrase from a work colleague in the UK & i absolutely align with it!

Overilaye is a personal brand and a freelance social media manager and a small business owner, her interest cuts across online marketing, short video marketing (TikTok, Reels, and Shorts), travel, fashion & Lifestyle. She believes in the power of the online space and is willing to make it work for herself and many other personal brand and small business owners in Nigeria and around the world. She is available to work with personal brands who want to take their business online and with small product-based businesses with their social media activities, getting them started with Social Media Marketing.



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