February 20, 2024

The Top Linkedin Trends 2024 you should utilize

A few years ago I discovered LinkedIn is one of the most unbiased social networking platforms and I began to take a keen interest in understanding the platform and what it has to offer. 

Research has shown that LinkedIn has over one billion active users as of the end of 2023 source –  https://www.demandsage.com/linkedin-statistics/ Tell me why you are not on LinkedIn. Find out more- https://news.linkedin.com/about-us#Statistics

My goal for 2024 is to make the most of LinkedIn use all the features it has to offer, grow my account, and make power connections that will lead to sales.

The working world is constantly changing, so it’s more important than ever to keep on top of things as we are in  2024. Leading this evolution and change is LinkedIn, which is the largest professional network in the world. With millions of users and companies, LinkedIn has developed into a gauge for the newest developments in the business world.

In this post today, I will be sharing with you the most promising trends on LinkedIn in 2024 as predicted by experts like 

We’ll explore what’s new on LinkedIn and how these trends can change the course of your career, from cutting-edge personal branding techniques to cutting-edge networking strategies. 

 Disha Shukla And Tom Baeten Experts have predicted the following 7 LinkedIn trends to look out for in 2024:

  1. Deployed AI and Automation for increased productivity: The rise of AI is tremendous and has taken over most of our traditional activities, companies will increase their use of AI and leverage its ability to 
  • Understand their target audience preference
  • Uncover customer journey
  • Conduct test marketing
  • Research  work
  • Automate routine tasks and 
  • Enhance profile visibility.
  1. Employing LinkedIn Strategically to Get the Most Out of It: LinkedIn strategy will become essential for people and businesses looking to make the most of this platform. Intentional and focused networking, interesting content creation techniques, and utilizing LinkedIn’s special capabilities to accomplish particular career and business objectives. LinkedIn analytics has made it easier to get a true picture of your marketing activities on the platform. Part of my brand strategy for LinkedIn in 2024 is to implement and use the platform in the following way to get the best out of it. The following pattern of approach has become very crucial in achieving success on the platform;
  • Focus on targeting and connecting with networks that align with you and your goals and professional interests.
  • Interact with relevant networks through comments, messaging, and sharing necessary useful content.
  • Profile optimisation, profile will reflect and inform your audience of who you are and who you serve to attract the right audience.

3. LinkedIn SEO: It is anticipated that LinkedIn will soon adopt this tendency of users looking for pertinent content on social media, which is already common among younger generations and users of other platforms. Experts have predicted that LinkedIn profiles and content for search engines (SEO) will become crucial for enhancing visibility and maximum reach. Here are the suggested ways to incorporate SEO in your LinkedIn profile and content;

  • Include Industry-Specific Keywords: Make sure your profile contains industry-specific keywords, particularly in the title, summary, and job descriptions.
  • Update Your Profile Frequently: To keep your profile SEO-friendly, make sure it is updated with relevant information and keywords.
  • Utilise Boolean Searches: To enhance your search for positions, individuals, and businesses on LinkedIn, apply Boolean logic operators (such as AND, OR, and NOT) to your queries.

4. Hyper-personalize your Conversations on LinkedIn: The platform has changed over the years and it is still changing. Hyper-personalization in user interactions will be supported and encouraged by LinkedIn more and more. Rather than using a single strategy for all, this trend entails customizing your communications and content to your contacts’ unique needs, hobbies, and backgrounds. The objective is to encourage more meaningful engagements on Linkedin.

 Simple ways to implement;

  • Profile Your Connections: Before reaching out to contact someone, spend some time learning about their interest, background, and most recent activity on LinkedIn.
  • Customize Your Messages: To make your communication feel less impersonal and more personal, make mention of certain interest areas that are relevant to the recipient.
  • Categorize your Audience: Segment your contacts according to shared traits or passions, and ensure your shares and posts speak to each group specifically.

5. Be Authentic: There is a need for 100% real human interactions currently as we experience the rise of AI-generated content. On LinkedIn, users will look for more real, authentic connections and content and will be able to tell the difference between messages that are created by actual people and those that are solely AI-generated.

How to implement;

  • Relatable Content: Do well to  avoid being unduly promotional while posting; instead, concentrate on being open and relatable
  • Engage Genuinely: Show that you genuinely care about your connections by thoughtfully and personally responding to messages and remarks.
  • Utilize Story: To make your content more interesting and memorable, use storytelling to share your experiences and lessons learned.

6. Create a Powerful LinkedIn Personal Brand; There will be a spike in the number of people using LinkedIn to develop and strengthen their brands. This trend centers on people purposefully showcasing their distinct professional identities, abilities, and experiences on their LinkedIn pages. 

A strong personal brand on LinkedIn is essential for career advancement, networking, and opening doors to new opportunities as the digital professional world expands. ????

 How to implement:

  • Demonstrate Your Expertise by Publishing Updates, Insights, and Articles Frequently About Your Industry. This shows off your expertise and maintains your network visibility.
  • Grow Engagements: Respond, share, and comment on content made by influential people in your network. Participation makes you more visible and establishes you as a contributing member of the professional community.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Consult with employers, clients, or coworkers to get recommendations. Sincere recommendations raise credibility.

Concluding with the Top LinkedIn Trends 2024, it is obvious that the platform is continuously evolving like other social media platforms and becoming more dynamic in solving the needs of professionals and business owners around the world. These trends, which range from using AI to network to developing a strong personal brand, highlight how professional networking is always evolving and presents wonderful chances for development and innovation.

You may want to take advantage of these trends to improve your professional image, establish connections with the right people, and open up new opportunities for success by remaining knowledgeable and flexible. Staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of professional networking requires embracing and adjusting to these developments. 


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