December 30, 2023

Monthly Calendar Planner ( Free Printable PDF)

Staying organised can be extremely exhausting these days, i can tell from my personal experience. Too busy to make your own monthly /weekly spread for your important daily activities? Save time by getting these free prepared monthly calendar templates to keep you organised and updated.

Though they’re a fantastic tool for organising your life, monthly planners can take a lot of work to set up. But what if you could have all the advantages and adaptability of a planner without having to invest the amount of time and effort in developing every single page? 

This has been a game changer for me and I strongly believe it will be useful to you too in the new year.

One of my favourite highlights for 2023, was utilising these monthly drawn-out sheets for my daily activities, I would spend time filling up my activities, updating with all my schedules, the ones that I am super aware of and I paste it right on my wall where can wake up to it.

These free printable monthly calendars are a terrific place to start when creating your monthly layouts. 

People can benefit in many ways from using a monthly calendar planner in both their personal and professional lives. Here are some of why you need a monthly calendar planner and how it can be could be useful.

Visual Summary: Monthly planners give a quick overview of the entire month in graphic form. This helps users see important dates, events, and deadlines for each other, providing a comprehensive overview of their schedule.

Efficient Time Management: Monthly planning makes it possible for people to manage their time more wisely. They can recognise peak times, set deadlines, and carefully arrange their workload to prevent overcommitting certain days or weeks.

Goal Setting: Monthly planners offer a structured space to set and track monthly goals. Breaking down larger objectives into smaller, manageable tasks and assigning them to specific days or weeks can enhance productivity and motivation.

Prioritisation: Using a monthly calendar, users can arrange events and tasks in order of significance and due dates. This ensures that important tasks receive the attention they require and helps avoid procrastination.

Long-Term Planning: For long-term planning, monthly planners are helpful. To better prepare and anticipate, users can mark holidays, birthdays, and other noteworthy future events well in advance.

Regularity and Consistency: Creating a schedule is essential for both work-life balance and productivity. Monthly planners give people a structure for making regular routines, helping individuals build and maintain healthy habits.

Reduced Stress: People who have a clear picture of the month can feel less stressed and anxious about missing deadlines or scheduling conflicts. Having this sense of order can improve mental health in general.

Improved Accountability: A monthly planner acts as a log of assignments and commitments. Examining finished tasks at the end of the month gives people a sense of achievement and aids in their productivity evaluation.

  • A5 paper (Plain)
  • 6-hole punch (If you need to perforate the papers)
  • A5 Ring binder and a film( if you are considering having it in a book form)
  • Tiny wall nails ( to stick on the wall as I do)

Step One: Download Canva

This is a free design app, I use for all or almost all of my designs especially creating PDFs and templates. To access this PDF you will need to download the Canva app

on your phone or simply use the web version. To use the web version or the app after downloading you can sign up with your “Gmail account” or any account of your choice.

Below is my link to download the Canva app, the best part is, that it is free and you don’t need the pro version if you don’t want to at the moment.

Step Two: Download The File

Please note this dated printable planner calendar is in a PDF format and comes right inside the Canva app; use the link below to download the file.

Download the Canva App

Step Four: Print the PDF

After accessing the free PDF through the link above, make sure to head over to your printer and print it, print out the entire 12-month calendar printable planner and save it in a folder.

Step Five: Arrange Your Printout 

Once you have the printed planner, you can choose to have them all in a transparent folder and use them every month or you can choose to make it into a big book and write in it. 

Use a puncher and make holes in each of the papers or use a perforator to create holes in each of the papers and use a film and a binder to put them all together.

Do whatever works for you but do not overcomplicate everything. I simply just stick them on my wall after writing down all my schedules and I can go back to update them daily if I choose to.

Step Five: Set Up & Use

The monthly calendar planner comes dated every month, so that you can use the printable easily. This means all you have to do is write down your activities and schedules.

You can also decorate the spread by adding stickers, using coloured markers or coloured pens to write on your planner.

For every new month, you will certainly have fresh items to list in your monthly calendar spread for each new month. 

This can include things like;

  • Appointments (GP/Doc’s, Interviews, etc)
  • Important Dates (i.e. birthdays, events, play-dates, etc.) 
  • Deadlines
  • Work Schedule ( Working days, etc)
  • Task List
  • Monthly Goals
  • Reminders

These are the traditional items you can include, but I encourage you to utilise your imagination when it comes to how you use these planner pages. 

Your monthly spread can be used, for instance, to schedule meals for the coming month, monitor daily routines, record your mood and sleep quality, keep track of your daily walks, keep track of important dates and much more.

To get monthly inspiration and updates on what I’m working on click the button below.

I hope you enjoy them! 

“Master Your Month: Unleashing the Power of a Planner for Peak Productivity!”

Seize control of your time and goals with a monthly calendar planner—your key to efficient scheduling, goal achievement, and stress reduction.


Overilaye is a personal brand and a freelance social media manager and a small business owner, her interest cuts across online marketing, short video marketing (TikTok, Reels, and Shorts), travel, fashion & lifestyle. She believes in the power of the online space and is willing to make it work for herself and many other personal brand and small business owners in Nigeria and around the world. She is available to work with personal brands who want to take their business online and with small product-based businesses with their social media activities, getting them started with Social Media Marketing.



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